The basics of computer programming

You may want to learn how to build software on your own or just how to make an occasional script; however, you may not be aware of where you need to begin. The good news is that the web has many resources which you may use so that you can turn into the programmer you want to be in just a few days.

From the time of the creation of the internet, programmers have been using the internet to discuss how to share code, to publish tutorials, to develop techniques, and to help others learn how to build software online.

Where to start

The problem most people face when starting to learn programming/coding is that they just don’t know where to start or which language to start with.  There are many differing opinions about it, but there is no one best language to use. After all, the language will not matter too much. When you understand the data and the design patterns with the control structures, the language used is not going to be important.  Any language you learn about, even if it is just a simple scripting, will end up helping you in one way or another. There are several types of software available online that you can use on your laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone that will help you develop software.


Easier codes to start with

The first step in programming is to start with desktop scripting. One easy way that you may learn more about programming is to try out the macro program and the scripting for your Mac or Windows.  In addition to learning about the programming language based on the look or the language of a certain operating system, you will need to put the application within the browser so that you may run it using a cloud.  One of the first things that you should learn about when it comes to building websites is the HTML together with the CSS. Note that the two are not programming languages but the style and the structure of the page. You need to author CSS and HTML using your own hands before you will be able to know how to build the web application since the web page is the basic of each web app.



After learning about the CSS and the HTML, you should learn about JavaScript. This is the programming on the website, and it is the basics of dynamic in-page effect.

A server side script is for someone who has mastered the art of creating different features within the web page. You will need to put the dynamic server away from you, and you are going to need to learn about the server side scripting languages.

The web framework has been the concern of web developers for many years now, and they try to solve and resolve the problems by rewriting the same code in order to rebuild the dynamic web site.  In order to avoid needing every person to start fresh when he is building the software, there are the frameworks that each programmer can base himself on.

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