Different programming codes that you should learn about before anything else

First time coders wish to know where to start, but the problem is that there are many options available, and experienced programmers have differing opinions. The best program to start with will depend on how friendly that program is to the beginner, the type of project they want to be involved in and the reasons why they want to start coding. Depending on what you wish to learn when it comes to coding, you may have the answer already made up in your mind. In order to build the web app or website, you will have to learn about CSS and HTML together with JavaScript and sometimes PHP if you want an interactive web page. If you wish to learn about the mobile app, you should start learning how to program using java or learn the basics of iOS and C apps.


The languages work the same

If you wish to go beyond with a certain project or to use different languages, it is always good to learn about different basic techniques and how to think like a coder.  In this way, no matter what type of skills you may have, you can use them in learning new ones. Most of the time programming languages for beginners are being modeled one after the other, so their structures and syntax are the same. Therefore, when a person learns about one, he also learns about all of them.


C code is the basis for any computer language

You can train to write efficient code by using the C, which is a widely used programming language. There are some reasons for doing this. Learning about C is the same as a medical doctor learning about basic anatomy. The C is the machine level language which teaches how the programs work with the lowest hardware.  You may learn about different things such as memory management and how to debug programs or how the computer works, which you are not able to achieve with the higher level languages such as Java.  C code is the grandfather for other languages, including java. C has a steeper and stricter curve compared to learning other languages, and if you plan to work with other programs which interface with the hardware, knowing about C is going to be very beneficial.


Website codes

Java is a popular program at the second level, and it is the language which is typically taught in a CS programming course. Java can enforce the solid object oriented principal and it is used for different languages. When someone has mastered the language, he can learn about the OOP language much faster.

Python is easy and fun, so it is recommended for the people who have just started learning coding. It is simple, but it has greater ability. The code enforces a better programming style, and it is not that strict on the syntax. What you want to learn may depend on if you wish to learn coding just as hobby or if you wish to have a career in coding.

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